Free SHARE! Peer Specialist Certification

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Free SHARE! Peer Specialist Certification

SHARE! Peer Specialist Certification is a free training for people who are or would like to be peers in the mental health system. Click Continue Reading below for more…


SHARE! Peer Specialist Certification is a free training for people who are or would like to be peers in the mental health system.

Over seven Saturdays beginning Jan. 14, 2017, this engaging, interactive program will givestrengthen peer staff’s ability to achieve key outcomes: jobs, housing, better mental health through community-building and self-help support groups. Improve peers’ resilience and self-care, and foster healthy boundaries and ethics in the workplace.

SHARE! will be offering future trainings at other times and locations, so please send in your registration if you are interested.

The Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development has contracted with SHARE! the Self-Help And Recovery Exchange to offer Peer Specialist Certification Training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I get on the list to find out about future trainings?

Send an email to requesting to be put on the list.

Q: What are the three courses in SHARE!’s training program?

The training includes three separate courses: Peer Services 101, SHARE! Peer Techniques and Peer Bridging. Students will earn a certificate for each course they complete. In addition to the courses, students must attend three self-help support groups a week, and complete mental health practicums/internships in the community.

The skills in the courses build in sequence. Students must have Peer Services 101 as a prerequisite to take SHARE! Peer Techniques. They must have Peer Services 101 and SHARE! Peer Techniques as a prerequisite to be able to take Peer Bridging.

Q: Why should I take SHARE!’s training?

SHARE!’s program gives peers–even those who already have other certifications–evidence-based practices, which enable peers to excel in helping others get jobs and housing, while reducing hospitalization, incarceration and mental health symptoms. SHARE!’s approach was honored by the American Psychological Association in August, 2016.

Q: What will I learn?

  • Cultivate healthy peer relationships
  • Build a strong, empowering recovery community by fostering choice, strength-based mirroring, volunteering, disclosing and other effective peer practices
  • Build social support networks and support people in achieving their goals through culturally competent self-help support group referrals for people with mental health issues and their family members
  • Set goals for success and model recovery skills for others
  • Learn good self-care to improve resilience and avoid burn-out
  • Accurately document peer services, recovery planning, mental health rehabilitation and collateral services for billing purposes
  • Exercise good judgement in setting boundaries and ethical behavior
  • Foster meaningful roles for others through volunteering, service and work opportunities
  • Learn suicide prevention strategies, triage and community linkages

Q: Will SHARE! help me get a job?

SHARE!’s goal is to help participants get jobs and excel as Peer Specialists in the mental health field. Participants benefit from career planning, job leads and a supportive alumni network.

Q: Who is eligible?

The ideal candidate is working or volunteering in the public mental health system. Applicants must be mental health consumers, a family member of a mental health consumer, or the parent of a child with mental health issues. No previous training is required. Preferences will be given to applicants with previous self-help support group experience.

For information, contact 310-846-5270 or

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