By supporting SHARE!, you are helping provide 5,000 people a month with essential services:

With six meeting rooms, SHARE! Culver City is home to more than 90 weekly self-help support group meetings, addressing issues from depression, divorce and chronic illness to addiction and child abuse. It has been in operation since 1993.

SHARE! Downtown, which opened in 2009, serves 1,000 people a month with 49  self-help support groups, jobs training and Collaborative Housing.

SHARE! Collaborative Housing has housed more than 5,000 mental health consumers since its inception.

The SHARE! Recovery Retreat gives hundreds of people a year a jumpstart in their recovery.

SHARE! helps people throughout the county start self-help groups to address their most pressing concerns.

SHARE!’s countywide self-help support group referral service puts callers in touch with 10,000 self-help support groups in Los Angeles County. SHARE!’s referrals are culturally competent, including groups which serve specific ethnic groups such as African-Americans or Asians, as well as groups in Spanish, Chinese, Farsi, Armenian and many other languages. 2-1-1 LA County refers callers for self-help support groups to SHARE!.

SHARE!’s Volunteer-to-Job program, free and open to anyone, provides job training and support in getting and maintaining employment. A quarter of the participants in this program, who are primarily disabled mental health consumers, get jobs within three months. Contact SHARE! Downtown or SHARE! Culver City for more info.

SHARE! relies on more than 4,000 volunteers a year, because when people are helping, they get the most mental health benefits. Everyone has something valuable to contribute.


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